If you are reading this, and happen to be white, you probably haven’t realized this yet, but you are a racist. That’s correct, the very color of your skin has dictated that you are undoubtedly a racist. Do not try to explain that you have black friends, or your spouse is black. Just own up to the fact that you are a racist.

That message was brought to you by George Yancy, a professor of philosophy at Emory University. Yancy is the author of the books, “Pursuing Trayvon Martin,” “Black Bodies, White Gazes,” and “Look, a White!”

In an open letter published in the New York Times, Yancy asked all White people who were reading his message to reach deep down in themselves to admit that they are racist.

It’s okay, he explained, because after all, he himself has a problem that he is dealing with. Yancy self identified as a sexist. He explained that because he is an academic as well as a philosopher, he is supposed to be one of the “enlightened ones.” However, his sexual objectification of women has led him to feel that he might be “jeopardizing his academic career.”

Yancy explains that his “comfort” in being a male is linked to the suffering of women.

Because he has admitted to the world that he is a sexist, you, a white person, can feel comfortable admitting that you are indeed a racist. It may even be that you are unaware of just how racist you are, and that you are just benefiting from “White Privilege.”

Yancy quotes legal scholar Stephanie M. Wildman as being a white person who has realized that she is a racist,

“I simply believe that no matter how hard I work at not being racist, I still am. Because part of racism is systemic, I benefit from the privilege that I am struggling to see.” 

In other words, she believes that she is a racist no matter what actions she takes because “the system” itself is racist. Another enlightened individual Yancy decided to include in his letter to White people was from a journalism professor,

“I like to think I have changed, even though I routinely trip over lingering effects of that internalized racism and the institutional racism around me. Every time I walk into a store at the same time as a black man and the security guard follows him and leaves me alone to shop, I am benefiting from white privilege.” 

Yancy’s message seems to be for you, a white person, to look deep within yourself and admit that you are a racist, because only then will the country’s race problems begin to be solved.

Yet another Liberal with the message that white people are racists whether they realize it or not. Since the premise of his argument is making a judgement on a group of people based on their skin color, in this case white, rather than the content of their character, Professor Yancy has only accomplished labeling himself as a racist. Aren’t you glad he’s teaching at a college and preparing eager-minded students for the real world?

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