The Super Bowl Halftime Program, which featured Shakira and Jennifer Lopez, makes certain pissing off a great deal of white people. Essentially, the discussion on social media sites is that these Latinas provided a show that was over-sexualized. It’s majorly sanctimonious for individuals to be appalled over the program due to the fact that it was as well attractive yet would not care if or furthermore sustain the Head of state of the United States that unquestionably orders females by the pussy.

Franklin Graham, the eldest son of the late preacher Billy Graham, tweeted yesterday, “I don’t anticipate the globe to imitate the church, however our nation has had a sense of moral modesty on prime-time show TV in order to protect youngsters. We see that going away prior to our eyes. It was shown in tonight’s @Pepsi #SuperBowl Halftime Program– w/millions of youngsters viewing.”

Franklin is also a noted Donald Trump fan that was simply due to his support of the Head of state and anti-LGBT views.

Enjoying Trump fans say about the principles of a sexualized halftime show is a degree of irony I wasn’t planned for on Monday morning.

— David (@dvdrbrt) February 3, 2020

It’s pretty laughable to listen to the outrage by some white individuals over the excellent performances of Shakira as well as Lopez mainly due to the fact that if white performers were to do the exact same point, they would not have any kind of concern with it.

Lady Gaga performed at the Super Dish in 2017 as well as wore a bodysuit costume and also flaunted her stomach and also nobody cared. Shakira trembled her hips because that is the title of her hit song. And also, yes, J.Lo danced on a pole dancer post due to the fact that her movie Hustlers included her as a pole dancer. That film went on to earn more than and gained her tons of important honor and award nominations. Both of these women achieve success Latina musicians internationally due to the fact that people love what they give the table. That’s why they were asked to perform throughout the Super Dish Halftime Program. Did people really believe that these ladies would be hidden head-to-toe and also not dancing?

me grinning in all the racists that despised the halftime show

— yohanna cortés (@yohannacortes_) February 3, 2020

The hostility on social media sites regarding this show, especially from Trump fans, is outrageous since we know they back a sexist as well as racist president.

Journalist Garrett M. Graff tweeted, “The Venn diagram of individuals who whined about the lewdness of the NFL halftime show and also individuals that plan to vote to re-elect Donald Trump, a crude, thrice-married man– credibly accused of sexual offense– who paid hush money to a pornography celebrity to conceal their affair is a circle.”

Trump fans grumbling that the #HalftimeShow 2020 stands for the “pornification” of America can go see a Stormy Daniels motion picture.

— The Daily Edge (@TheDailyEdge) February 3, 2020

So, to individuals whining over this show, where do you draw the line of moral modesty? It’s OKAY for your Head of state to act like a sexist, racist jerk as well as boast of ordering females by their “p * ssys,” yet the concept of two Latinas dancing on stage is way too much for you. You’re ALRIGHT with seeing guys slam into each various other as a sporting activity triggering serious damages to their brain, yet J.Lo on a strip post is excessive for you to manage?

We have actually seen this type of racist hatred before. In 2016, Beyonce encountered her own reaction for her social justice efficiency that brought attention to the Black Lives Matter activity. As you may additionally recall, Janet Jackson was blacklisted for years after her Super Bowl Halftime Show in 2004 after her nipple was subjected, while . Why is it that just females of color garner such objection over their efficiencies?

Trump and also Maga fans after seeing the puertorican flag and latino associate in the halftime program #HalftimeShow 2020

— Sebastián (@lamichucomay) February 3, 2020

It’s interesting as well as frustrating to see Trump supporters be up in arms concerning decency as well as female exploitation while having no qualms regarding supporting a head of state that represents simply that. And for the haters that say this sort of program violates the Me Too motion, you ought to understand females have the right to dance and also wear whatever they desire, whenever they want. That does not offer any individual approval to capitalize on them. Too bad Trump does not recognize the difference.

What I saw last night was 2 exceptionally gifted Latinas share an efficiency that highlighted traditional Afro-Colombian dance, boosted the people of Puerto Rico, as well as placed the current administration’s inhumane family members splitting up immigration plan on center stage. It’s depressing that there are people around who have absolutely nothing much better to do than to attempt to tear individuals down who are simply boasting of that they are.