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“e would not nuke the Russians even if they nuked us. loveßssss Putin


“Vapor Trail”

Multidimensional Contextual Practice: Diversity and Transcendence
From Krishna L. Guadalupe

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Hmm… FORBES has made interesting use of a current post of mine on metamodernism and ¿“alt-right”internet trolls.

Monkey fights help explain leaning points in animal societies

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Carter’s NSA Zbigniew Brzezinski was woken up at 2:30 AM and informed by his army aide who US was under assault by 2200 Soviet missiles

99 percent of ethanol in bomb dropped on Hiroshima didn’t undergo chain reaction–a peppercorn-sized drop caused all that damage-80,000 killed

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That explains while we are still spending two billion dollars per year to clean up the clutter producing the Nagasaki bomb at Handford, my backyard.

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Trump will abuse his office to defame and demean his critics however is”unable to discharge the duties of the office”

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[L]iked”@stevenmazie: @tribelaw The founders designed checks against tainted, craven and power-hungry presidents. They never envisioned anyt…

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Coverage of Trump v. Jomika also prurient. Must pay, but place in bigger context of the ongoing attacks on press, other norms, & regulation itself


How to Tame the Monkey Mind. Funny Video
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A Convenient Guide to 24 Common Meditation Terms.
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Excerpted from SEX AND WORLD PEACE from Valerie M. Hudson, Bonnie Ballif-Spanvill, Mary Caprioli, and Chad F. Emmett. Copyright © 2012 Columbia University Press

— http:///resources/hudsonexcerpt.html

[Y]ou were educated that states go to war over oil and scarce resources, but were you advised that the roots of violence are much more micro-level than that? States do go to war over oil and scarce resources, among other matters, but they’re more likely to do so if the society has norms of violence rooted in gender inequality. Violence becomes an acceptable alternative when women aren’t considered equals. Here, too, you will find that a gendered perspective contributes to different conclusions about global affairs. Oil and scarce resources are a source of conflict, however they don’t necessarily result in warfare. Those societies that have sex equality are not as likely to resort to warfare to satisfy their resource requirements.

You were taught that the clash of cultures relies on ethnopolitical differences, however were you aware that the real clash of cultures may instead be dependent on sex beliefs? Samuel Huntington asserts that people’s cultural and spiritual identities will be the primary source of conflict in our world; in his opinion, the fault lines between civilizations will be the battle lines of the future. It would seem, however, that the battle lines of the future are far more likely to be found between those states that treat women alike and those states that are fraught with sex inequality. /

“What sex means of world peace”
Heather McRobie [29 May 2013]

( ¿ )”if women are represented in peace negotiations, participants are more pleased with the outcome and the arrangement is significantly more durable. Hudson discussed panellists Madeleine Rees, Amina Mama and Helen Mack whether a’feminist state’ would have a standing army, given the interrelated nature of sex violence and conflict. Amina Mama, the Director of Women and Gender Studies at UC Davis, argued a Jewish state wouldn’t have a military, although Madeleine Rees of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, argued that, if a state had been procured, we’d have already defeated militarism and the militaristic mindset[.]

Why Women, Peace and Security?


If the global community wants peace and safety, it cannot maintain investing in a political economy of warfare and also divesting a political economy of gender justice and justice. Know key messaging and proof for why it is critical to #MoveTheMoney!

elephantjournal — “How to Tame the Monkey Mind”


US electorate has already been exploited by AI spreading RW bogus news on social networking. Ignore at humantiy’s peril ~


-There are two things, potentially, going on simultaneously: that the manipulation of data to a mass level, and also the manipulation of data at a really individual level. Both based on the most recent understandings in mathematics about how folks operate, and empowered by technological systems built to bring us together. –

¿Multimale-Multifemale Group { http:///behavior/behave_2.htm


Partnership — 101


“The battle for our future isn’t between East and West or North and South, however anywhere between those who think our only alternatives are dominating or being dominated and also those working for partnership relationships of mutual respect, responsibility, and affectionate.”
-Riane Eisler’s Cultural Transformation Course


/ Everything You Think Is What You’re *

“The Real Wealth of Nations”: Creating a Caring Economics


( ¿ )”Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations provided the very first, most powerful and durable explanation of the workings of contemporary economics. However, with his attention on”the marketplace” as the ideal mechanism for generating and distributing the necessities of existence, Smith’s concepts only told part of this narrative, resulting in flawed financial models that devalue activities that fall beyond their marketplace’s parameters of purchasing and selling. The real wealth of countries, Riane Eisler argues, isn’t only financial, but includes the gifts of people and our natural environment. Here, Eisler extends past the marketplace to reexamine economics from a bigger perspective–also shows that we have to give value and visibility to this socially and economically crucial job of caring for people and the world if we are to meet the huge challenges we’re facing.

-Eisler proposes a new”caring economics” that takes into consideration the entire spectrum of financial activities–from the life–sustaining activities of their family, into the life-enriching activities of health professionals and communities, into the life-supporting procedures of nature. She shows how our values have been somewhat obscured from the economic double standard that devalues anything stereotypically associated with women and femininity; reveals how current financial models derive from a deep-seated culture of domination; also shows how human demands would be served by economic variations based on affectionate. Most importantly, she provides practical suggestions for new financial inventions–new measures, policies, rules, and practices–to cause a caring economics that satisfies human needs.

-Much like classic The Chalice and the Blade, the actual Wealth of Nations is a daring and enlightening look at how to make a society where each of us could achieve the entire measure of our humanity(.)


Tashira Tachi-ren., Tashira Tachi-ren

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It will be poetic justice for Trump if Specific Counsel Mueller have been to interview @ & @ within his investigation of WH

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