Homemade 3-D Printed Invention Allows Folks without Arm Control to Feed Themselves

In this era, with the technology that is available at our hands, there …

In this era, with the technologies that is available at our hands, there is so much more room for growth that’s it is mind-boggling. We are all joined at this high degree that info is pretty much available in a couple of seconds of searching on the internet and with resources such as a 3-D printer, you can bring concepts to real life in just minutes since they are literally synthesized before your eyes. All it takes is a fantastic idea and also with the perfect tools that aren’t too difficult to get together, you can make just about whatever you set your mind.

In this one, we test out fairly the usage of a 3-D printer as this man may have no control over his arms put together a stand that will essentially let him feed himself with a spoon. Before, the states he had to use a big bulky tray with scoops at the end and if it would come to eating things such as soup, he couldn’t manage to do it by himself and had to have him feed him. He does state that feeding himself had been possible before in some ability but, with this innovation, everything is so much easier for him as he could scoop up the liquid, spin around the spoon, and eat everything with no help.

If that isn’t something that’s an inspiration to venture out there to construct and create, I don’t understand what’s. Follow along with this innovation down in the video under as its simplicity almost seems too good to be true. We have to applaud this guy who saw a problem that many other people are likely facing right with him and used his smarts to think of a solution that could help out each and every moment. After viewing this clip, you might just realize your explanations are not that valid, whatsoever.