There’s nothing quite like heading for an appointment with your favourite hairdresser. Knowing that you will be with someone who is passionate about hair, knowledgeable about style and more than capable of delivering a five start treatment, is certainly something worth looking forward to.

That being said, when it comes to hairdressers Manchester has plenty to choose from, so how can you choose the one who will suit you best? Here come a few tips to point you in the right direction.

Ask Around For Recommendations

A sure sign of a good hairdresser is someone who has plenty of regular clients. Ask around in your social circle for the choices they would rate as first class when it comes to hairdressers Manchester has to offer.

Of course, you should probably keep your questioning to people who have a similar style to you. Your granny might sport a great style for her age, but it may not be the new cut that you have in mind for yourself!

Take A Walk By Hair Salons On A Quiet Day

Another great way to decide which hairdresser deserves your business is to take a walk by the salons in your area. Most salons will be busy on a Friday and Saturday, so try to carry out your ‘walk by’ on a quieter day. I observe the hepburn hair project salon seems to be busy with clients it’s a good sign that they are doing something right. is the best hairdresser in Manchester that has various offers of their clients . All you need to do is ask around for recommendations and take a ‘walk by’ of your local salons. You’ll soon find a hairdresser who is just right for you.