AMARILLO – The Cattle Baron’s Ball is a event held throughout the country. The event benefits the American Cancer Society. 

This season’s event in Amarillo is on Saturday.

Events such as these help families such as the Hinkle’s.  

“The story begins with Heather’s diagnosis. She had been diagnosed in February of 2006 with a pancreatic tumor. We approached a doctor and they’d a resectionthat after that everything was alright and it cuts out. Four months later our oldest had just turned four and that he had been diagnosed with Leukemia,” Josh Hinkle explained.  

It took for the son’s Leukemia of Josh to be medicated. For 7 years, the Hinkle family went on living a memory card, thinking of cancer as a afterthought, life, as well as something that they hoped would never come back.  

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Courtesy: Josh Hinkle

In 2013, Heather had been rediagnosed.

“After three rounds of chemotherapy, four clinical trials, along with 31 doses of x-ray therapy, her tumor hadn’t responded. I came home from work and she had been responsive. We took her to the hospital on a Wednesday afternoon, Friday day we moved her into hospice and Sunday morning she died a most serene passing,” Hinkle  explained.  

Both Josh and Heather devoted Little Baron’s Ball their time to market with the Cattle Baron’s Ball, along with other events.  

Hinkle  said, “The Cattle Baron’s Ball was one of those things that she felt quite passionately about and would give up anything else in favor of that Cattle Baron’s Ball.”  

Josh has been volunteer to the Cattle Baron’s Ball. He enjoys working behind the scenes putting up and tearing downagain.  

To Learn More on this Cattle Baron’s Ball visit their website or telephone the Amarillo American Cancer Society in 806-353-4306.