Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff.

Last September, Google, Facebook, Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft came together to produce a new organisation in a bid to make sure that artificial intelligence (AI) is developed safely, ethically, and reluctantly. The consortium referred as The Partnership on AI.

Now the cohort of businesses is growing again, with 22 new members being announced in an upgrade on the Partnership on AI website on Tuesday including Silicon Valley giants Salesforce, eBay, along with Intel, as well as non-profits such as UNICEF and The Future of Humanity Institute.

“These new partners strengthen and broaden our representation, helping fulfil our aim to construct a varied, balanced, and also international set of viewpoints on AI,” the Partnership on AI composed in an upgrade.

The Partnership on AI employed the upgrade to spell out a few of the work that it plans to do within its mission. This includes:

  • Hosting AI Grand Challenges to motivate researchers to deal with some of their most pressing long-term social and social issues.
  • Giving an award for the academic paper which makes the biggest contribution to “AI, People, and Society”.
  • Developing a schedule, known as the Civil Society Fellowship, to supply resources to individuals at non-profits and NGOs who wish to collaborate on topics in AI and society.
  • Establishing topic and sector-specific work teams to come up with an inventory of “best practices” for investigators.

The consortium was created

Partnership on AI

Founding members of this Partnership on AI, including DeepMind’s Mustafa Suleyman (far right) along with Facebook’s Yann LeCun (middle-right)

The Partnership on AI has been set up to deal with a few of the challenges which AI presents to society and people, while also figuring out how humankind can benefit from new technologies in the field, that has progressed rapidly in the past couple of decades.

Murray Shanahan, a professor of cognitive robotics at Imperial College London and a DeepMind employee, endorsed the creation of the Partnership last September, stating: “A small number of large corporations are today the powerhouses behind the evolution of artificial intelligence. The inauguration of this Partnership on AI is a really welcome step towards ensuring that this technology is used sensibly.”

The partnership is funded and supported by the founding firms, who compete with one another across other elements of their companies.

During the introduction of the consortium, Yann LeCun director of AI research at Facebook, said: “As investigators in industry, we take very seriously the confidence we have in us to make sure advances are created with the utmost consideration for human values.

“By publicly collaborating with our peers and sharing findings, we plan to push new boundaries every day, not just within Facebook, but also across the whole research community. To do so in partnership with these firms who share our vision can help propel the whole field forward in a considerate responsible way.”