Mandy Fry, the co-founder and innovative visionary behind Amuse Society, is leaving the firm, SES has heard.

Mandy, believed by many to be one of the design that was most gifted leaders in the business, told her staff day.

We achieved to Mandy and to Paul Naude, the head of Stokehouse Unlimited, that operates the Amuse, Vissla along with D’Blanc manufacturers.

Mandy, who’s two children, sent us the following statement:

“I am quite grateful to everyone who supported Amuse and myself over time,” she explained. “It’s been an amazing journey creating Amuse and I am proud of what we have achieved together.

“I have learned a lot and met many amazing people along the way,” Mandy lasted. “The choice to depart didn’t come easily but I am prepared for another chapter in my own life. I am looking forward to taking some time realign my goals to refresh, and spend time with my loved ones.  

“I am confident I am leaving the staff in a positive place and I wish everyone at Amuse only the very best.”

Paul Naude provided a statement to SES.

“Co-founder of Amuse Society, Mandy Fry, has decided to leave the company to take time off and pursue personal endeavors,” Paul explained. “We thank Mandy for the contribution toward the achievement of this Amuse brand and wish her the best in her future endeavors.  

“We have a strong, gifted team set up and we are excited about the future of Amuse,” he continued.   “We look forward to continuing the strong brand momentum we now have and taking it to another level in 2018 and beyond”

When Mandy will stay an owner of this brand I asked both Paul and Mandy. They declined to comment beyond their statements.

Layout was led by Mandy in Billabong and was instrumental in developing the brand.

Mandy founded Amuse. Summer exited operations to concentrate on her design enterprise that was swim.

In four years, Amuse has built a brand that was loyal following with its spin on contemporary beach fashion which is employed in souvenir markets and the browse.