How Society Can Support Relationships Between People With Disabilities

What I Wish Society Understood About Relationships Between People With Disabilities

cerebral palsy and learning can be hard sometimes. We take each other for who we are and not what we can not do.

It took years to be taken. A few folks who helped take care of me saw me as a hazard as Mandy and a child , although I’m a grown person with legal guardianship of myself. For her to maintain my entire life but because I used my skills, I struggled. She is funny, intelligent, sort, and also an girl I want to be with.

Mandy and I really like each other and we would like to get married. But we can not, because most people would eliminate the support we will need to live on our own. Mandy does not need as much help as I do, however, that I need staff to allow me to do things Mandy can not, like push.

Because of this, Mandy must reside from me, therefore I can have my team help me. Mandy got a job so she lives far to see. However, we still make time to get one another by speaking on the phone and having dates on Skype. But this gets tough from time to time, and I really wish I can be with her.

I think love should not be red-flagged from the authorities and culture. Relationships between disabled people will need to be shared and shared with others, thus we live a happy life and are able to alter the rules. We should not be treated. Everyone has a right to get married with no the fear of losing.

Love isn’t about cash, and money should not be an excuse to keep me and my girlfriend independent. I might not have a lot, but I still want her to be part of my life indefinitely. I wish to walk her down the aisle and perhaps even like anyone can, have children.

Mandy and I want to modify the world and also how people think about us. We’re equally who will not stop pursuing our dreams and making them realities. We will not stop raising our voices.

Mandy is worth the struggle for me. And I will not stop trying.

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