Lena Dunham to release spoken word poetry Record

Fueled by Ramen, the record label behind the soundtrack GIRLS Volume 1: Music from the First HBO Series, announced today they will be releasing a record of first spoken word poetry written and played by none other than Lena Dunham. It’s no surprise after Dunham signed a $3.7 million book deal for… MORE “

Music Festival Lineups Announced, Everybody Turns into Douchebags

“Dude, did you   see   that the Bonnaroo lineup?” Asked a tall, lanky white child to his both lanky white friend at the Campus Center last Tuesday. “Dude. Dude!” We began to notice similar cases happening all around campus. 1 girl close to our table in particular Id proceeded to share jpegs of the Coachella lineup on all… MORE “

“Trojan Family Room” renamed for napping purposes

Since its grand opening in 2010, the Ronald Tutor Campus Center has been quite the useful addition for all Trojans, by the outdoor International Plaza to the upstairs offices and Traditions from the cellar. However, the most used of all, but has been the grand entry of Sample Hall, more commonly known as the “Trojan… MORE “

Everybody Blows Off Last Week of Classes, Goes to Disneyland Instead

“I have really made a decision to drop my important and dance in the parade total time today that I have spent the week at Disneyland,” said a very excited theater important. “It is just this kind of lifestyle here.” For a reason, we totally agreed with what she said and blamed it on creepily persuasive Disney magic. MORE “

15 Things I’m Thankful For

Because time moves too quickly in college I’m not really certain  what Thanksgiving is about anymore (pilgrims?? Genocide? I dun no), but the 1 thing I do recall is that folks say what they’re thankful for, and so I have compiled a listing to read at the dinner table tomorrow: 1). The Mucho Mango smoothie at the SCA… MORE “

5 Antisocial Things to do on Halloween

Um, somehow it became Halloween. I’m not sure when that happened, and I have decided it is likely because I have no social life. Whoops. Therefore! As a pitiful person who can not even remember what day it’s, I appropriately compiled a listing of things to do to do while nevertheless preserving the Halloween spirit. Bring on the… MORE “

Campus Center Piano Bans “Chopsticks”

The Ronald Tutor Campus Center recently included a painted upright piano to the International Plaza. The piano, donated by a USC staff member and alumna, became accessible for anybody to play within the campus centre’s “Art and Trojan Traditions” program. The piano immediately gained a lot of a following that frequent visitors began… MORE “

5 Reasons To Celebrate the Rain

Finally. After a few weeks in the high 80s to mid 90s, the LA weather forecast not just dropped to the usual 70s, but predicted scattered thunderstorms having a 50% probability of rain for this Thursday, otherwise known as tomorrow. “Aw man!” Exclaimed some helpless man in Ray Bans next to me about hearing the… MORE “

Wait for the donuts, stay for the intoxicated folks

You are able to get anything from fritters to bagels to breakfast sandwiches to ice cream to any kind of boba-related drink to cereal to smokes to vitamin to iPhone cases to duplicates of your homework due in an hour. MORE “

Young Adult Publications are Totally Cool

I’ve a confession to make: I never grew up. At least, together with books. I mean, I have attempted to read the books and classics for college and weird angsty poetry but something always brings me right back to the fantastic ol’ times of hiding behind the awesomeness of the YA book. Yes, even today in school…. MORE “

Returning Students Petition for Cafe 85

Returning students to USC weren’t happy to locate their favorite overpriced meals court no longer accessible with no meal plan. With Jamba Juice, Daphne’s, and Wok Bar only legend to current freshmen, the remaining part of the student body is in a constant state of mourning. “I will never get a free boost again,”… MORE “

Senior discovers hidden gem known as “Galen Dining Center”

It’s recently come to our attention the Galen Dining Center, also known as “in which the soccer team occupies” to campus tour guides, has gone undetected for many throughout their time at USC. What is the Galen Dining Center, you ask? That is what Steve Flanders, a senior, asked also. “I simply never… MORE “

5 GPA Boosters For The Fall Schedule

Believe it or not Trojans, choosing your fall courses is right round the corner. If you are not an engineer and also have a couple credits to spare, why don’t you take something completely ridiculous interesting  that will cushion your GPA at exactly the exact same time? After requesting the brightest and finest about, I have compiled some options That May just grant you… MORE “

Mad Men Returned to TV (And I Liked It)

Oh! Hey USC Basement. Superior news. Take out your fitted blazer, skinny tie, and pen skirt since the men of Madison Avenue come back! AKA Season 5 of Mad Men. The season began with a bang in a two hour premiere last Sunday. Let’s party like it’s 1966! MORE “

Cool Story Bro: “I must have clotheslined him”

A child, perhaps 14 or 15, was bolting towards me. Like, at top speed. And just like in the movies, time seemed to slow down. I couldn’t move. My ideas were all: “That is odd. He is running like, really quickly. He likely has to grab a bus. God I really want a Coke Zero. French fries. Jon Hamm. Wait, what–” MORE “

10 Totally Wonderful Things to perform (On Campus) Over Spring Break

So you are stuck on campus for spring break. Do not fret! (do people use that phrase anymore?) This can be your chance to take advantage of USC’s “one way” place for the best staycation. Yes I only used the term “staycation.” Here’s a few of our ideas: 1). Try every fast food chain onto Figueroa. If you currently live… MORE “

CampusCruiser offers new service “CampusLoser”

We’ve been ““ dressed to impress at the best rager on Thursday night. The clock strikes 1am with DPS nowhere in sight; a wonderful song comes on because you talk up the hottie you’ve been meaning to talk to for months. Then, from nowhere? The person you least want to view… MORE “

Cool Story Bro: The Laundry Room

This article is part of a brand new series in which Becca over-dramatically remembers “cool narrative bro” moments from her time at USC.   “WTF,” said a girl down the hall. Her voice seemed like evil grossness. The door to my New-North cubby-hole-of-a-dorm-room was wide open and the high-pitched voice kept at it. “Ewww somebody took my… MORE “

Breaking News College Professors Are Old

A recent study performed by the Old People Association of Educational Things and Stuff found that 89% of college professors are indeed age 60+. And yet, the evaluation not only quantified physical era, but psychological age, developing a record breaking statistic of college professors with an older mental age at 99 percent. The analysis… MORE “

‘Smash’ Smashes ‘Glee’ Just Like Woah

Even the premiere of NBC’s Smash past Monday has a great deal of folks talking ““ and hammering ““ about a series that could finally dethrone the sad, overwritten, burnt-out-at-three-seasons “struck” known as Glee. Ouch. That was mean. See, I was like Glee. I did. I loved Rachel, and Kurt, and mash-ups, along with regionals, but somewhere… MORE “

BREAKING NEWS: “The Muppets” Acquire NOTHING at the Golden Globes”¦ WTF?!

In the 69th Annual Golden Globe awards there were lots of winners, the huge ones “The Descendants,” “The Artist,” “Homeland,” and “Modern Family.” However, a night which attracts many winners also brings about even more losers. And while people might be angry that “Bridesmaids” didn’t win gold did Leonardo DiCaprio walk off… MORE “

21-year-old can drink in bars, can not afford to drink in bars

“I’m not ordering cocktails made of gold” Yelled one SC senior because he was escorted from a busy downtown pub yesterday evening. “Can they come off-brand?? Can you do payment plans?!” He’s only one of many students whose long-awaited 21st birthdays immediately tanked due to bar-drink sticker shock. “Fifteen dollars is either a bottle… MORE “

To Rick Perry, Love Santa Claus

Dear Gov. Perry, I’m not scared to admit the concept of me is a little creepy. I mean, it says in a tune I can see children when they’re sleeping. And while that’s true, I don’t abuse my position of energy to pedophilistically spy on minors nor do I use it to publically… MORE “

All Women in Sorority House Hate Drama, Charlotte

As past nights chapter dinner, a lot more individual talks, unlimited hours of   study, and a recent media release in the sorority have revealed, All the women in the Theta Delta Chi home have commented they, “Hate Drama.” Drama has been cast off with this category also, “Shitty,” and, “Annoying,” previously. The… MORE “

Beneath fire, NCAA remains committed to amateurism

Lately and always, the NCAA has already come under fire for its failure to Keep the Exact standards when dealing with distinct compliance cases, particularly when compared to 2010 sanctions against USC who have become viewed as too harsh and really helpless.     While USC confronted severe scholarship discounts along with a two-year bowl prohibit, ” the… MORE “

What Summer Orientation Should Have Been

Those still on campus for summer time might have noticed that it is abuzz with three-day bursts of panicky, fresh-faced nervous energy recently. People without much else to keep them amused are aware ““ it is summer orientation! If you are like me, you had been rejected when you implemented to work orientation (twice!) But also want you… MORE “

Involvement Honest signatures demonstrated to become binding contracts

The thrilling Involvement Fair was in full swing because enthused clubs and organizations lured involvement-hungry students in with guarantees of philanthropy, a great time plus melted oreos to a day which felt like being inside Satan’s drier.   Following the blueprint of Involvement Fairs anyplace, no stall visit was complete without the obligatory signing of… MORE “

My Inner-Battle about Whether to See “Pitch Perfect”

SCA’s “Outside the Box Office” film screening series is performing a sneak preview of Universal’s “Pitch Perfect” tomorrow. I have a reservation since I make a booking for whatever I’ve really heard of before studying the website. But I Can’t decide on if I should move or not, I keep swaying back… MORE “

5 Reasons Why “The Immortals” May Die Out

The Immortals opened last weekend, and audiences everywhere seem to think it wasn’t talking Greek.   (They had been right–it wasn’t.   Anyone who believed otherwise should see their health practitioner.)   Even the mythology-laced 3D sword-and-sandals film managed to top the box in the united states and in overseas markets with more than 30 million in each area.   Haroo, haroo, haroop-de-doo…. MORE “

Neighborhood superhero reportedly always remembers trash day, people’s names

From the warmth of superhero blockbuster season, a real live one has been recently found on campus. Early listed sightings were separate but seemingly described the exact same student who looked “like a regular dude,” but does some fairly nonregular things. Known only by his people moniker, “Steve” supposedly “consistently puts in for beer. And… MORE “