Buggy Crashes Into RZR At The Glamis Sand Dunes… Pay Attention Folks!

When you take a look at the numbers out and about driving, it just so …

When you take a look at the statistics out and about driving, then it just so happens that rather substantial proportion of accidents may happen close to your home. Now, of course, this time we are not taking a look at a video which has anything related to the roadways, so why do we mention? Well, I think the main concept in play in the simple fact that most crashes happen close to home would be the notion that complacency may play a rather large part in whether or not you get into anĀ incident. Just when you feel like you had it figured out and you’re going to cruise directly back to your home, you get tied up at the unpredictable that is constantly lurking right around the corner.

Such complacency may also happen out in the middle of nowhere since, as you might anticipate, an individual would probably end up getting a small bit comfortable when you’re out in the midst the sand dunes because no traffic is about you. I mean, who are you really going to encounter, after all? The possibility of the crash out there is just as real as it’s everywhere else, or at least that is what this video presumes as this driver chooses their buggy out to the slopes and receives the up nose, pulling quite an impressive wheelie but it’s what is in the conclusion of that wheelie that actually grabs your attention because the buggy does not come down but instead, cruises directly into a different machine which has been out with the driver hoping to have a good time that day.

By following along with the video below, you’ll be able to listen in and see as someone had their camera recording the entire thing, when this driver has been met with an unanticipated situation that would immediately end his good day out to the dunes. Regrettably, they probably had a little bit more carnage than he had expected. Hopefully, these people can find everything back to normal more without too much damage done to the bank account!